Our Motto

Matt o t've:m ab o ju: (O’odham)
Mat asheevk uuweshuum (Piipaash)
We will do this together (English)

Our Mission

The purpose of Salt River Schools, in partnership with the Community, is to provide EXEMPLARY EDUCATION in a safe learning environment IMMERSED IN THE O’ODHAM and PIIPAASH CULTURES in order for all students to secure a successful future.

Our Vision

Community empowerment, through culture, engagement, academic achievement and excellence.

Our Values

Committed to honoring and integrating O’odham and Piipaash cultures and languages to be evident in all elements of Salt River Schools as essential to a quality education.

Committed to integrating O’Odham and Piipaash cultures and languages in all elements of Salt River Schools.

Value the essential relationship of family, Community and educators for the success of our students.

Recognize availability of rich and diverse resources and utilize them effectively, responsibly and purposefully.

Our Goals

Improve Student Achievement to Cultivate Highly Achieving Schools

  • Increase the Graduation Rate
  • Improve Attendance of Students and Staff
  • Enhance Readiness (Early Head Start to College)
  • Achieve Higher Test Scores
  • Increase Academic Achievement and Growth on Assessments
  • Increase Academic Rigor in Curriculum and Instruction

Recruit, Develop and Retain Teachers, Students and Staff

  • Provide ongoing differentiated support to every school, staff member and student.
  • Provide safe and secure schools (bully-free zones).
  • Build a positive, flexible support with students, staff and families to find solutions to help all be successful.

Increase Positive and Consistent Involvement from Students, Staff, Family, Community, and Stakeholders

  • Create consistent, meaningful interactions, events and opportunities.
  • Develop common scheduled times for events planned in advance that account for events at all schools.
  • Communicate effectively to stakeholders/Community using the appropriate methods for the situation.
  • Solicit input from stakeholders on ways to improve involvement and increase opportunities for stakeholders to participate in meaningful roles or committees.

Become a School of Choice for the Community

  • Integrate language fluency, Piipaash, O’odham, and cultural history and create a balance.
  • Offer Internships, volunteer opportunities and college and career opportunities to prepare high school students for post-secondary opportunities.
  • Develop and enhance partnerships with businesses, stakeholders, departments and others to provide students unique opportunities and experiences.

About our schools
Salt River Schools is located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, and is surrounded by the metropolitan cities of Mesa, Tempe and Fountain Hills. The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community unified its educational programs in 1996. Though the programs were tribally controlled prior to this, the creation of the SRPMIC Education Division (“Salt River Schools”) by Council ordinance put all sites, departments and services under the oversight of the Education Board.

We are proud to offer cradle-to-career educational services. There are four main sites reporting to the Superintendent of Salt River Schools (more information about each school is below):

The numbers above reflect students served directly by Salt River Schools in an average year; however, the Division also provides indirect services to approximately 1,200 Community member students in surrounding school districts, such as Mesa Public Schools, as well as out-of-state boarding schools, through our School & Community Relations department. Higher Education services are open to all 6,000 eligible Community members.

Salt River Schools also offers:

  • Early childhood education through F.A.C.E. (Family and Child Education), Early Head Start, Head Start, CCDF and tribal support.
  • O’odham and Piipaash culture and language curriculum, including embedding these into STEAM classes and programming.
  • Comprehensive wraparound behavioral and social services for students and families.
  • Tutoring services before and after school open to all Community member students, regardless of where they attend school.
  • State-of-the-art facilities and classroom technology, including smart boards and student laptops.
  • Free meals (breakfast and lunch) that frequently feature traditional ingredients, and free transportation services.
  • Robust after-school programming (21st Century Community Learning Center grant), including access to Boys and Girls Clubs within SRPMIC boundaries.
  • Support for college and career readiness, including concurrent college enrollment for high school students and internship opportunities.

Stay connected with Salt River Schools by visiting all of our websites, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages. Be sure to download the “Salt River Schools” smartphone app (for iOS and Android devices) to ensure you receive the latest updates to the school calendar of events and important notices. For more information, call Salt River Schools Administration at 480-362-2500.

Early Childhood Education Center
The Early Childhood Education Center (ECEC) is funded by the SRPMIC General Fund, Child Care Development Fund, Head Start and Early Head Start grants. The Head Start and Early Head Start programs operate during regular school hours. The ECEC also provides extended day hours to help families needing childcare before and after school. There is no cost to families for any ECEC service.

The ECEC recognizes the importance of a high-quality early childhood education in preparing children for success, not only in kindergarten, but throughout their lives. The school’s long-term goals are to prepare enrolled children for success as lifelong learners and to strengthen families.

In its classrooms, the ECEC uses Creative Curriculum, a research-based, comprehensive, early childhood curriculum. This curriculum promotes the cognitive, language, social-emotional and physical development of young children. Social-emotional growth is further supported by Positive Behavioral Intervention Support and Conscious Discipline.

The ECEC believes parents, guardians and other involved family members are important partners in the early childhood experience. Staff are committed to partnering with families to make their child’s early childhood education experience a positive one. Family and staff work together for the benefit of the child, resulting in a rich learning environment.

For more information, visit https://ecec.saltriverschools.org/

ECEC Photo

Salt River Elementary School
At Salt River Elementary School (SRES), students develop the literacy and numeracy skills they need to succeed throughout their time in school and beyond. Building this foundation in key areas during the elementary years allows students to unlock their full potential and discover their passions.

SRES is a tribally-controlled Bureau of Indian Education school. 

SRES provides a well-rounded curriculum to ensure all students receive excellent educational opportunities, which include learning and practicing O’odham and Piipaash languages and cultures with certified language specialists. Teaching staff learn right along with their students so that the entire curriculum becomes infused with language and culture concepts. Physical education, wellness instruction, computer technology, library, music and other special classes are offered at SRES. Gifted students and students with special needs are provided the academic assistance they need through our Exceptional Student Services program.

While the learning that takes place in the classroom is very important, SRES also offers new experiences to students and their families beyond the classroom. Whether it’s taking part in one of our many after-school programs and events, or participating in sports or cultural activities, there are countless ways for students and their families to get involved in school life and make the most of their experience.

For more information, visit https://sres.saltriverschools.org/

SRES Native American Recognition Days 2019

Accelerated Learning Academy
The Accelerated Learning Academy (ALA), also known as Salt River Schools Alternative Sites, is where students ages 16 and older can earn a high school diploma at their own pace. The ALA is located at 4827 N. Country Club Dr. (formerly Salt River High School). 

The ALA has a student capacity of 80 students, who are offered three core classes (math, science, and social studies), as well as a variety of complimentary courses (PE, culture and language, art, and more). Students follow an individual learning plan and work with a mentor. The ALA also offers students opportunities to earn college credit, as well as partnerships with Community departments, enterprises, and businesses.

The ALA is also home to the Salt River Schools ABE/GED Program, which provides rigorous and personalized instruction and assessment to SRPMIC’s adult learners who desire to build an academic foundation and earn their High School Equivalency (GED®). The ABE/GED Program is located inside the Salt River Community Building (near the intersection of Longmore and McDowell roads). 

Salt River Department of Corrections inmates interested in earning their diploma can also achieve it through the ALA.

For more information, visit https://ala.saltriverschools.org/

ALA Class of 2021

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